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If you are interested in working with The Rocky Mountain Agency as a prospective talent, please fill out the form below or attend one of our upcoming Open Casting Calls.

If you are looking to learn more about the industry, our events are a great place to start. They are designed to educate you about current industry standards. We do offer contracts and representation agreements at Development Sessions and Open Castings Calls to those we are interested in representing.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Model & Talent Submission Form


Any aspiring talent should submit through our website’s online application form.

The pictures you submit are very important – clean digital pictures that showcase you well are fine. No pictures in hats, sunglasses or filters. Pictures should be taken in front a simple, clutter free background, avoid submitting car or bathroom selfies, etc.


We review all submissions at the beginning of each month and we will invite applicants that we are interested in meeting to a Virtual Meeting via Zoom.


The Rocky Mountain Agency considers the safety and well-being of aspiring models and talent to be a top priority. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and authenticity and believe it is important to advise models about unscrupulous people who prey on their ambitions.

Please be aware there are certain individuals on the internet and social media that may falsely claim to be a representative or scout of The Rocky Mountain Agency. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of The Rocky Mountain Agency, do not respond without verifying their identity. You may directly call one of our office numbers listed below and we will be happy to assist you.

Should someone claiming to be a representative or manager from any agency contact you, immediately alert your parents or a responsible adult, and if the person claims to be from The Rocky Mountain Agency, do not hesitate to reach out or call us.

We wish you well in your pursuits, and always – be safe.

Karlee Duncan: Agency Director
The Rocky Mountain Agency: 406.262.4011



Actor Resume

If applying for our Actors division, please ensure you upload your acting resume.